Barman Destination: Munich teaches you how to prepare an excellent cocktail on the boat

The project is signed by Giorgio Rocchino, from Turin, who works for the Yacht Club de Monaco and the Belle Class Academy.

Giorgio Rocchino was born in Turin where he grew up in the local AIBES section since 1988, that’s why his passion and profession is precisely that of the Barman.



“I started working at the Turin Palace hotel (5 luxury stars) from the early years of hotel school. Graduated in hotel business technician, I left for several years, always working in luxury hotels and prestigious places. director of the Caffè San Carlo in Turin in 1998 (one of the most beautiful and most prestigious cafes in Turin). Then I left for the Côte d’Azur. After a few attempts, I managed to enter the Casino of Montecarlo in May 2010 as a barman. Without giving up the inventiveness that lives inside me, I have participated in several National and European competitions achieving in 2012 a third place in the European Cocktail IBA Compétition in Tallin, Estonia, with AMB (association Barman Monegasca). Third place again, 6 years later in Dublin, in the Fancy category, Cocktail IBA Compétition. I did several internships from Milan to Sorrento, to improve my training. After five years of casino, I applied to join the YACHT CLUB in MONAC OR. With a lot of perseverance I proposed myself as a Barman to the direction of this extraordinary yachting scenario. So I joined in May 2015 and today I hold the position of Chef Barman … I created several cocktails … for Prince Albert of Monaco. Last October, launched with the idea of ​​transmitting my passion, which has been with me since the age of 14, I decided to teach the crews working on yachts how to make an excellent cocktail for their owner. After some time, my management validated my project which I called “Barman Destination”, (soon a book written by me with lots of curiosities will be released). A TAILOR-MADE training for the crew of a Yacht, 3 days where I transmit my passion to these young guys, from the merchandise and the history of spirits. to the tools of a Barman, their use, the classification of the IBA cocktails and a bit of curiosity about where they were born and its inventor, to give a little dynamism to the course … with a surprise ending, where the student will have to invent a cocktail, in order to understand a little his aptitudes for this profession and for Mixology”, the 72 class from Turin tells us all in one breath.

It is a very important project for the yacht club and for the BELLE CLASS ACADEMY, which follows the evolution of this fantastic course with the support of the General Manager of the Yacht Club Monsieur Bernard D’Alessandri.

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