Giorgio Rocchino, king of cocktails in the Principality of Monaco

Welcome to the Principality of Monaco, in one of the most exclusive and prestigious places: the Yacht Club de Monaco, here the foreman is Giorgio Rocchino, bartender of international fame.





This year Giorgio Rocchino organized the first edition of the competition “Cocktail Mixologist Competition”, reserved for young bartenders and students of French and Italian hotel schools, to create the figure of the “barman on board”.



In the very modern premises of the Monaco Yacht Club, designed by the architect Norman Foster, the challenge, organized by Giorgio Rocchino and the agency Bluewater, was held at the same time as the Superyacht Chef Competition, reserved for the on-board chefs of the big boats that dock in the port of Monaco.


The winner was Martin Stefan Ballas of the Riolo Terme Institute, with his cocktail “Prince Charming” in honor of Prince Albert of Monaco, followed by Shirley Mortier and Alessia Mirabelli.




Giorgio Rocchino created the project “Destination Barman”, organizing professional training courses, it is a project that has entered the programs of La Belle Classe Academy by Bluewater of the Yacht Club de Monaco.

To know some of Giorgio Rocchino’s creations we refer to his signatures for the prestigious Nonino company:

Royal Nonino Pimm’s by Giorgio Rocchino

Fresh longdrink based on L’Aperitivo Nonino Botanical Drink, refreshing and easy to prepare. The fresh fruit enhances the notes of berries and the fresh citrus notes of L’Aperitivo Nonino Botanical Drink, while the spicy flavor of Ginger Ale emphasizes its bitterness, making this cocktail perfect for any occasion.


10 cl L’Aperitivo Nonino Botanical Drink
33 cl Ginger Ale
2 lamponi
2 more
½ fragola
Fettina arancia
Fettina limone
Twist cetriolo



Put in an aperitif glass 5/6 ice cubes pour The Aperitif Nonino Botanical Drink, add the ginger ale and mix gently with a barspoon. Add fresh fruit and decorate the glass as desired.

Malice of Giorgio Rocchino


Fresh longdrink made with Nonino Gingerspirit, refreshing and easy to prepare. The spicy and citrus aromas of the ginger distillate are softened and enhanced by the tonic, making this cocktail perfect for any occasion.


5 cl Nonino Gingerspirit 20 cl Tonic Water “Mediterranean”
Lemon twist


Put in an aperitif glass 5/6 ice cubes pour Nonino Gingerspirit, add Tonic Water, lemon twist and garnish with a slice of ginger.

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