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Luxury Mixology Academy

Finally for you an academy of Mixology, for the world of yachting and the hotel industry, based in Monte Carlo.

Learn Bartending, amateur, beginner or professional, it doesn’t matter... Whether you want to master the essential notions or study "ADVANCED" techniques, we have the right course for you, for any need. Our very high educational standard will ensure you a training at the "TOP". Thanks to our Mixology Manager with thirty years experience and his study plans. You’re gonna be a Bartending that makes a difference. Contact us and "Let’s have fun together".


In Monte Carlo and the French Riviera

LMC was founded in February 2021.

A dream that comes true, between passion, love and dedication of a lifetime.

Based in Monte Carlo we have started the creation of an academy of mixology for the world of yachting and Hotellerie Luxury in Monte Carlo and the French Riviera.

Much of the course will focus on the knowledge and history of the equipment, its use and the classification of IBA cocktails (INTERNATIONAL BARTENDERS ASSOCIATION). 

After the course you will have a totally new vision of Bartending and you will be able to amaze your customers or friends, thanks to your knowledge and skills acquired.

A targeted and tailor-made program for every need, which will lead you to learn techniques of mixing, product knowledge and creativity to prepare cocktails for every occasion.


Exclusive Society

We are an exclusive and unique company in the world that proposes itself to the luxury world by combining the teaching of modern mixology with the knowledge of high-level brands that will satisfy both the owner and the most demanding customer.

Products of the highest quality such as distillates, wines, equipment for mixology, are unique in their kind.

Researched and selected for a demanding public in search of excellence and Luxury products.

A unique, original and exclusive company ready to satisfy all those who love quality and good drinking.


Humility, perseverance and professionalism

These are the three characteristics that allowed me to build a future and achieve important results.

From school desks to evening services in luxury hotels, at the same time and compatible with studies, years that made me grow very quickly.

Perseverance in study, exercises and Master Classes throughout Europe to learn more advanced and modern techniques of mixology.

After four wonderful years at the direction of Café San Carlo in Turin I leave Italy.

After several interviews I entered as a barman at the Casino of Monte Carlo, passing through the Café de Paris, until I got to work at the Yacht Club of Monaco at the Court of Prince Albert.

Bar manager I “created” for him, “Monsignor” several recipes for important events, very good years for me.
They allowed me to grow even more.

Finally in February 2021, I realize the dream of a lifetime, open an Academy of Mixology in Monte-Carlo.
A UNIQUE project involving the world of yachting and luxury hotels.

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