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From wheat, to grapes, passing through our citrus fruits that perfume our lands. Coming to the fruit of plants that are born in unique territories from the north to the south of Italy.
The dedication, perseverance in working them, always with the utmost attention and selection, to satisfy countries around the world. Thus we come to have unique products that represent us, a land of a thousand scents and colors. A selection made, thanks to the experience of our Mixology Manager Giorgio Rocchino.

"Simplicity and particularity" are the qualities that unite our Brands.
Which in their size, combine passion and dedication, to always obtain a
Unique and Excellent product, all Made in Italy.



A selection of wines and champagnes of the highest excellence

Oenological Italy boasts established wines all over the world, we are a country that produces a lot of wine in quantity and especially of “Quality”.
The Greek colonists called Italy “Enotria”, the land of wine.
In geographical terms, Italy has the essential elements to produce an excellent wine: the sun, the hills and a temperate climate.
From the North to the South, a careful selection will awaken your palate and desire to experience the harmony, the bouquet, the body and the elegant balance of our wines.
You could not miss the “Champagne”, a wine “AOC”, Appellation – d’ Origine – Controllée.
If you think of Champagne, bright environments, luxurious parties and exclusive parties come to mind.
It’s not really all that’s behind the fine French wine. In fact, the city where Champagne is born and produced is rich in green countryside and history and culture.
Reims, called “LA TERROIR DES ROIS”, the land of the coronations of the sovereigns.
It is from these lands that our brand “Extré” comes. A collection of 13 Cuvèe owned, 13 excellences from the most suitable territories of Champagne, some of which are limited and numbered.
Maximum expression of the art of winemaking, represent a sensory path that expresses a wide spectrum of emotions, ranging from the minerality of the Chardonnay alone with its fantastic Blanc de Blancs, to the austerity of 100% Pinot Noir, not forgetting the most particular Cuvèe, the most fascinating Meunier, the vintage of special vintages, passing through romantic Rosé d’Assemblage, up to a rare and vigorous Rosé de Saigneé.

Liqueurs, spirits, Vodka
and Gin Made in Italy


Italy is without any doubt, for culture and tradition a country that produces high-level liqueurs, bitters and distillates.
Every Italian region has its own specialty, we are a people who always dreams of reaching the highest levels and creating something unique.
In our selection you will find all this, perseverance, sacrifice, dedication in the search for the best raw materials to achieve success.
There are many Italian companies, small, medium or large, that represent us in every part of the world.
When we speak of “Art” in distillation, we can only think of one name above all “Nonino”.
The art of distillation has been the privilege of this family since 1887.
Quality, innovation, research, professionalism and love for your work are the sign of “DISTINCTION”.
And this is why in the iconic Palace of fine art in San Francisco the Noninos are awarded as Best Distillery in the World 2019.
An example that makes us understand the seriousness of our Brands, producers of Vermouth, Vodka or Gin and that always make us protagonists in all situations for their tenacity in the constant search to always obtain a high quality product.

Products selected by our Mixology Manager

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