Mancino Vermouth

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Faithful to the tradition of the original vermouths, Giancarlo wanted to revive the articulated flavors of the past, creating three distinct recipes starting from a selection of forty types of herbs, infused only with quality Italian wine. Trebbiano di Romagna is by far the ideal wine for Vermouth Mancino di Torino: dry, white and red, as well as for Mancino Vecchio aged 12 months in cask. While for the thickness of the Mancino Chinato, Giancarlo chose Barbera d’Asti for its depth and complexity.


Mancino Vermouth di Torino Rosso Amaranto

Mancino Vermouth di Torino Bianco Ambrato

Mancino Vermouth Chinato

Mancino KOPI Vermouth

Mancino Vermouth di Torino Secco

Mancino Vermouth Sakura