Antica Bottega 1934

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A smoky scent inspired by an ancient artisan workshop, an old owl carved in oak wood watches over it. Spicy, accompanied by cinnamon elderflower and vanilla.

Antica Bottega 1934 is the first smoked Vermouth in the world, ideal both for mixing cocktails, but also for tasting the smooth product associated with various culinary proposals:

- Antica bottega 1934 accompanied by crunchy crouton, slice of lard, salt and honey.

- Antica Bottega 1934 associated with tasting of cheeses, preferably with a pronounced taste, jams and marmalades.

Antica Bottega 1934 is ideal for giving a vintage and smoky scent to cocktails.

Being a smoked product during its manufacturing process, we obtain a much deeper scent and sensation on the palate, compared to a smoking performed on a cocktail with equipment, such as the manual smoker which mainly gives the olfactory scent.