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Product History:

On 13 September 2020 Bitter Fusetti arrives on the market. A fresh and young product that looks to the future also thanks to its modern image, unlike other bitters which have always opted for images more linked to tradition.

Bitter Fusetti has an alcohol content of 25% vol., is 100% Made in Italy, handcrafted with infusions lasting at least 30 days, with attention to the smallest details by our founders, always attentive to the quality of the product.


Among the ingredients we find some spices such as gentian, rhubarb, cinchona and as a special ingredient quassio (or quassia), an medicinal plant that gives the typical bitter taste of bitter. Bitter orange and chinotto instead provide that pinch of acidity.
In short, it is an ideal bitter for use in the bar line thanks to its strong aromas and thanks to its competitive price compared to competing products on the market, without ever giving up its most important characteristic: the bitter!