Luxury Mixology Consulting, to teach the secrets of cocktails

Barman with many experiences in Italy and the Principality, Giorgio Rocchino will launch Luxury Mixology Consulting, a company that offers training related to the creation of cocktails but also the distribution and sale of Italian wines and spirits.


Above all, it is a dream come true. That of Giorgio Rocchino, an Italian citizen almost always in the world of Mixology.
“When I was 13 years old, while attending hotel school, I worked at the Turin Palace Hotel, a beautiful 5-star hotel”.
He observed and then developed a passion for creating cocktails when he saw professionals at work.
“It was love at first sight! ” I fell in love with this universe”, exclaims Giorgio Rocchino.
He trained at AIBES, the Italian Barmen and Supporters Association, then continued years of practice, until he became director of the Caffè San Carlo in Turin, “the most historic bar in the city”.
His professional adventure took him to the Principality, where he held various positions at the Casino or at the Yacht Club.
“I created several recipes for Prince Albert II and had the idea of launching a project for a Mixology course aboard yachts at the Belle Class Academy of the YCM”.
Then he realized that the crews needed training.
“That’s why I decided to start a company called: LMC, acronym of Luxury Mixology Consulting”, reveals Giorgio Rocchino.
The Italian wants to launch a wide network: “Training in Mixology on board yachts and in all the luxury hotels in Monaco and the French Riviera, distribution and sale of luxury wines and spirits made in Italy, but also various equipment for the hotel industry.
His dream will begin in May and as he assures us: “I am the testimony for all the students of hotel schools all over the world, that you can start from scratch to realize your dream. I can say that’s what makes me happy.”

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