The new project Luxury Mixology Consulting

Finally I will go to set up a company in Monte-Carlo that I have called: LMC, Luxury Mixology Consulting, which will see as its goal, that of training on board the Yachts, and also on land at all the Luxury Hotels in Monaco and the Côte d’Azur.

My origins are southern, both my parents are of Lucan origin.

I was born in Guardia Perticara in the province of Potenza, in Basilicata, a village of a few souls perched on a mountain, where everyone knows each other and helps each other.
Then, like many, in the 70s’ my parents emigrated to the north, in Turin, where I was born and immediately I put myself on display, I was so eager to be born that my mother’s pregnancy saw me give birth to the seventh month.
Everything I am today I owe to them, especially my mother, who I lost last October. I was very close to her, and I think family is very important and decisive in your career path, especially when we enter the world of work.
I started working very early, at the age of 13 I enrolled in the hotel school and then in the evening I worked, making extras at the Turin Palace Hotel, a 5 star hotel in the center of Turin really beautiful.
It was the most beautiful thing I could do. I was enchanted to see great professionals at work.
Things you can’t see in school. All this was a sacrifice, studying and working is not easy.
In this way I could learn a lot and grow in an environment that has formed me the best.

Initially my career saw me as a protagonist in the room, I did many seasons, always in Hotel Luxury, a way to see different working techniques.
I did the Maitre d’Hotel in different facilities, then it came a moment that I wanted to give me a chance to find the right motivation.
That’s how I approached the world of mixology. Enrolled long ago at AIBES Italy, I started studying and doing competitions.
I realized more and more that I was enjoying myself in an incredible way and that it made me happy, even more satisfied than my first part of my career.
Curiosity about this world has enraptured me, I have continued to buy books and to document myself, which I still do today, this makes me understand that I made the right choice.


How did you get to Monte Carlo?

Unfortunately, everything started from an episode that brought a mourning in my life.
In 1998, I was director of the Caffè San Carlo in Turin, where I met a girl who would later become my wife.
We had taken home, chosen the furniture, everything that two guys do that want to build a future.
Then one night, while I was working, I got a call from her brother telling me that my fiancée had lost her life in a car accident. From that moment on, everything changed.

I could no longer work in Turin, so almost by chance, in one of the many bike rides to Liguria as a bit ‘all Turin over the weekend, I told my friends to go straight and not stop as always in Alassio.
And so we arrived in the Côte d’Azur. I had never been there, beautiful, clean, full of colors and beautiful Hotels.
So I returned shortly after to leave some CV, after a few months I answered the Casino of Monte Carlo.
I had three interviews before I got in.
I spent six beautiful years, then I got engaged, I met a woman who gave me back the desire to love, to make a family. And so when a child arrived, I decided to try to find something with more livable schedules.
At the Monte Carlo Casino the hours were difficult, shifts from 22.00 to 06.00, it was terrible.
I’d come home and I couldn’t sleep since I was tired.

Then one day I was called by the management of the Yacht Club of Monte Carlo. Even here it was not easy, I did several interviews, then my work experiences, my humility and my way of being made sure to get me into the Bar team. I went in as Barman, then after three years I was able to switch to Chef Barman.
Working here in Monte Carlo is not easy, the competition is very high and we bring this historical rivalry with our French cousins, but I can say that we have an extra gear.
We are more commercial, we have it in our DNA, we love Hospitality, we always feel the need to be trained to be in pole position. I think I can say that we are more ambitious and creative than our French bartender colleagues, at least for my experiences.
I have been the creator of several cocktails for Prince Albert of Monte-Carlo, a wonderful person with whom I have spoken many times. He, very curious, stopped with me to hear the story and the ingredients of his drinks.
Beautiful moments that led me to create the first Mixology competition in Monte Carlo, involving Italian, French and Swiss hotel schools.



I came up with courses on board yachts to allow the crew to be trained to prepare IBA cocktails at their best.
Un successo incredibile che per 2 anni ho pensato in tutti i modi di sviluppare, ampliare a 360 gradi per soddisfare questo mondo che è in continuo sviluppo.
And that’s how I decided a few days before my 49th birthday to get back in the game.
I will fulfill a dream that for more than 2 years and in my heart.

Finally I will go to set up a company in Monte-Carlo that I have called: LMC, Luxury Mixology Consulting, which will see as its goal, that of training on board the Yachts, and also on land at all the Luxury Hotels in Monaco and the Côte d’Azur.

In addition to this I will deal with the distribution, sale of Italian brands, wine, alcohol and also hotel equipment.
Everything possible to satisfy the need of the owner of the Yacht, as the manager of a grand Hotel.
Bringing them to the knowledge of unique brands, which I can not reveal yet. I can assure you that there will be great surprises.
I am happy with this project, I will be able to work for myself, doing what I love most, teaching Mixology and making our country known through extraordinary products.

As my mother used to say, dreaming makes you alive, you never have to stop doing it, before then we will be able to achieve them, never surrender, remain humble and always respect your neighbor, never stop studying, makes us strong towards your neighbor.



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