Giorgio Rocchino: Everlasting Love Cocktail

Author: Giorgio Rocchino

You can find it at: Yacht Club di Monaco Manager Instructor Mixologist


The Cocktail comes from the combination of the new Gin “Il Reale”, fragrant, fresh that goes to marry with the Botanical aperitif NONINO and Kranebet, with its sensors of juniper berries that bind releasing unique and unmistakable aromas. Colours from the Parfait d’Amour in tune with edible flowers of superlative elegance and finesse.

Category: Pre-dinner

Glass: Coppetta Cocktail

3 cl Gin il Reale
2 cl Triple sec
2,5 cl Parfait d’amour
1.5 Aperitivo NONINO Botanical drink
1 cl Kranebet Botanic Juniper liquor

Method: Shaker & Strain Garnish: Fiori Eduli

Created on: 7 June 2020 (On the occasion of Mother’s Day in France)

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