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The first documented origins of Gin date back to the 13th century, when the Dutch leader William of Orange, who ascended the Scottish throne, increased its popularity by promoting the production of juniper berry distillate instead of beer. Its recipe was then refined and, from the eighteenth century onwards, it is offered in different versions. The following 8 variants have been refined in our range, all with herbaceous hints typical of this distillate with fruity, floral, spicy or citrus notes:
Products :
Fifty London Dry Gin
London Dry Gin
Orange Gin
Gin with flowers
Raspberry Gin
Gin with Spices
Peach Gin
Pink Grapefruit Gin

” Bitter, born in the nineteenth century, represented a real innovation in liqueur production as it became the first bitter-based product to be consumed before the meal and not at the end as a digestive. From that moment it became one of the progenitors of the Italian tradition of the aperitif. In our range there are the following 3 variations all characterized by an unmistakable bitter-sweet note:
Products :
White Bitter
Bitter Red
Sweet Bitters.

Vermouth, officially born in Turin in 1786 by a herbalist, has its origins in a much older tradition of herb-flavoured wines whose evidence dates back to the times of ancient Rome. The recipe of our 5 variants present in the range respect the specifications of the Vermouth of Turin with different combinations of herbs and spices, including cloves, absinthe and cinnamon:
Products :
Vermouth Blanco
Dry Vermouth
Vermouth Riserva
Vermouth Rosé
Red Vermouth.


The history of liqueurs has its origins in the High Middle Ages when, before modern medicine, long-prepared alcoholic decoctions and infusions were often used for healing purposes. Over the centuries, with the discovery of the Indies, the monks’ recipes were enriched with new herbs. Thus was born the tradition of Italian liquor making. The range of 24 liqueurs proposed by us takes inspiration from nineteenth and twentieth century recipes adapted by our professionals. The tasting notes vary from citrus, sweet, spicy, but also fresh, balsamic and herbaceous. The variants are as follows:
Products :

Cedar Water
Black cherry liqueur
Chamomile liqueur
Cinnamon liqueur
Elderflower liqueur
Licorice liqueur
Peach Liqueur
Black Tea Liqueur
Violet liqueur
Millefiori liqueur
Rhubarb and Mint Liqueur
Maraschino Mirti Sambuca
Sloe Gin
Triple Sec and Verdolino from Turin.


Vodka is a spirit obtained from the distillation of cereals or potatoes, the origin of which is historically disputed between Russia and Poland. The first documentation referring to an alcoholic water, whose alcohol content exceeded 50%, can be found in Eastern Europe. Its spread in Western Europe occurred in the eighteenth century thanks to Napoleon’s troops, forced by the cold to use it for their survival during the retreat from the failed Russian campaign. The recipe used is characterized by a clean and dry taste. The product is offered in the following 3 variants:
Products :



Amaro has its roots in the Hellenistic period, to which the first infusions of alcohol and herbs used for healing purposes date back. Over the centuries the search for the perfect combination of herbs and spices has continually evolved. The range of 8 bitters proposed by us uses traditional Northern European and Italian recipes that find their origins in the nineteenth century. | Our products all have pleasantly bitter notes and the combinations of herbs and spices, carefully chosen, add citrus, spicy, sweet and balsamic notes from time to time in the following variations:
Products :

Citrus bitter
Coffee Bitter
Alpine Amaro
Bitter Very bitter
Diabolical Bitter
Amaro Felsina
Fernet with mint