Le Due Sorelle

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Product History

The 2 Sorelle Brewery was born in 2011 in conjunction with the purchase of an ancient farmhouse from the early nineteenth century located on the left bank of the Belbo stream. Between 2012 and 2013, the building underwent a careful renovation process which allowed it to enhance its beauty, now hidden by the passing of years and abandonment.

Inside the stone farmhouse, a 20 hl cooking room with three vats, a series of 40 hl fermenters each and a modern bottling line have been installed. In the land adjacent to the company, in rotation with other crops, two-row barley is grown, which after being subjected to malting is used to produce beer.

Given the connection between the 2 Sorelle Brewery with the Langhe area and the desire to protect the environment, in order to produce the energy necessary for the production process, a 20 KWP photovoltaic system was placed on the roof of the company. Furthermore, again to maintain an eco-sustainable philosophy, to produce the heat necessary for cooking and boiling the must, as well as that necessary for heating the building, the 2 Sorelle brewery has a woody biomass boiler obtained from the woods and the pruning of the 5 ha of vineyards owned by the company.

Finally, an activated sludge purification plant allows the disposal of production wastewater, making it harmless to the environment and humans.

Products :

  • Amber Double Malt Beer
  • Blonde Agricultural Beer
  • Blanche Style Beer