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Product History

A story characterized by passion, knowledge, renewal and tradition. A story that begins in a Piedmontese town: Acqui Terme. Precisely from “strada della Maggiora” where Carlo Gamondi was born in 1868.
22 summers later the boy takes over a grocery store and this is the first crossroads in the story.
It is the classic grocery store of the time where you can find a bit of everything. But above all it is the place where the boy begins to introduce people to his Amaro Gamondi.
An Amaro with a capital A whose bottle over time has known different shapes up to the current and now iconic one which recalls the Bollente, the symbolic fountain of Acqui Terme.

The second crossroads of history.
Amaro Gamondi continues to collect recognition medals and Carlo Gamondi decides to leave the grocery store to open “La tasting” (which will later become Bar Gamondi). From this moment on, Amaro became very popular in the city, earning the nickname “Superamaro”.
While this is happening, the moment also arrives in which the words “The precise recipe for Amaro Gamondi is written on a sheet of paper in the wallet” are elaborated by Carlo Gamondi. It is 1928 and THE protagonist of the story concludes his earthly parable.


  • Bitters
  • Vermouth
  • Sanbuca